Nov 11, 2007


On Wednesday this week the high is 91. Austin, Texas, I wish I could protest but currently the weather for Brittany's wedding is also looking good. I will not protest for fear of ruining her day. However, come November 18, once the wedding is over, I demand it never again in 2007 breach 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don't believe it either? Seriously, visit and you'll see for yourself.

For the love of all things Holy, Ninety-one in November. In Boston I knew July days that weren't this hot. I have my AC on! In November! REALLY!?

Dear Weather Gods,

Please do not mistake this for a snow request. It is just a request that you turn off the sauna and let my city enjoy a day without sweating. No need to turn on the fan or the AC, just off with the sauna!

Again, snow not required or requested.


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