Mar 1, 2009

In like a lion

bouquet 2
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March came in like a lion...well like a lion cub I suppose. It was 80+ for most the week here and this weekend was in the 60s. Nothing compared to the snow on the east coast, but enough of the weather.

Mom came in for the day yesterday and we picked up my wedding dress. It needs a few alterations, which I was disappointed by, but I guess that's par for the course. I had this vision though of picking up my dress and having everything be perfect, this happy perfect moment with a perfect fitting dress. It was happy but it was not perfect fitting. Oh well, I think most brides have a few alterations to their dress. So long as the wedding is perfect, I can forgive a dress that needs a couple alterations.

We also looked at invitations. After chatting with Nikki and Mom, I think we might do online RSVPing. What are y'all's thoughts? (See our wedding Web site which I did massive updates on this weekend.)We're not having a crazy formal black tie wedding so it isn't necessary to have formal invitations and response cards. I really want everyone to sign our online guestbook so making them go to the Web to RSVP helps get them to the guestbook. I also don't want to include a lot of inserts in the invitations, I want to just have that all online. Again, RSVPing online helps drive people to the Web site. And finally, though this isn't really an issue, just the icing on the cake, it is greener and reduces postage costs. I don't want to be tacky though. Please give feedback on this one. If you think it's terribly tacky, now's the time to tell me, to help me not be that tacky bride.

Oh yes and this is my bouquet (almost) for the wedding. We're switching out the calla lilies and replacing them with the starbursty kind which the florist says (ie warns) will give it a pretty different look. But I just love the starbursty lilies and I'm sure it will turn out beautiful. I trust my florist to make it so.

As a final footnote, Rick got a job at Dell! Woohoo! Maybe we can finally get him to move to north Austin now.

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