May 28, 2010

Calc - still the bane of my existence

Last night I started contemplating applying to the University of Texas for graduate school. They have a Masters in Public Affairs degree at the LBJ School that intrigues me, especially since it has a nonprofit management concentration. So I'm clicking all over the site, investigating, checking admissions, etc. And then I discover that to be eligible for admission, I must have taken college stats and calc.

I do remember taking stats. I remember because the prof was terrible, so terrible even the TA thought he was terrible. Stats: check.

But I couldn't remember about calc. I really didn't enjoy math, in fact I enjoyed it so little, I couldn't tell you what the other math class I took was.

So I logged on to and started searching for my transcript. Oh. My. God. Process from hell! And since I am still paying for this education, it peeved me even more that after all the money my parents and I have given to BU, I couldn't even find record of those very expensive classes! I might have written an accusing email to the Alumni Online Community help desk.

At this point, I tell Ross the situation and announce that if I have to take calc, then grad school just wasn't meant for me. No way I am putting myself through that torture. Do you know what that sweet hubby of mine did? He offered to enroll in calc with me at Austin Community College so I would be eligible for graduate school.

Well, that is exactly what it would take because I hate math. And I would definitely need a cute boy to coax me through it and possibly let me cheat off his exams.

Fortunately for Ross and me, after three emails and a scanned copy of my drivers license being emailed to BU, my alma mater finally granted me access to my own grades and lo-and-behold, I took and passed calc my junior year!

Whew! I love Ross but I am SO glad we won't be bonding over calc textbooks.


Anonymous said...

That's the cutest little story! I love that Ross offered to take Calc with you! And even happier that you already passed. Yay!

Anna said...

I have totally looked into that Public Affairs program. But unlike you, I did not take Calc in college. And I'm not sure I'm willing/able to at this point in time. Alas, no Masters in Public Affairs from UTexas for me...