May 15, 2010

Livin' the dream

Over Mother's Day weekend, Mom and I were talking about a recent segment on GMA: the reporters spending a day living their dream. Admittedly a very self-indulgent segment but it inspired interesting conversation.

If you had one day to "live the dream" what would that dream be?

I told Mom mine and when Ross walked into the room, asked if he could guess mine. He didn't even hesitate "you'd travel someplace." Bingo. I would like that travel place to be backpacking in Europe but if I'm really confined to one day, it might be a day trip down to Fredericksburg or some other nifty place within a couple hours drive of Austin.

I guessed Ross' dream and was also spot on: to play with puppies. I can't tell you how many times he's told me he wants to be paid to play with puppies. As I tell him, he could be but we wouldn't be very well off. His perfect retirement plan is to own a doggy day care...and live in West Texas.

Mom's was a hot air balloon ride I believe. From GMA, some of the dreams were playing baseball with A-Rod, learning to fly or being a pro poker player.

I've tried to think of some of my family and friends but I don't think I know too many people's odd-ball dreams. I know career goals, family aspirations, educational aims but not odd-ball dreams. So what would yours be?

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Jess said...

I'm totally with Ross!! My dream is to own a doggy day care/salon/hotel and I would LOVE to get paid to pet puppies all day. If only I knew anything about opening a business, or grooming dogs haha.