May 24, 2010

Productive Hubby: My Fav Version

Productive hubby is my favorite version. This weekend Ross has been a rockstar of productivity and thus, I am going to brag on him.
  • Saturday he passed the GFD and RRFD physical agility tests with flying colors! He actually shaved a full two minutes off his time on the GFD test. That means a test that he has up to nine minutes to complete, he completed in just 6:30. ROCKSTAR. The next step is oral interviews and those start right after Memorial Day weekend.
  • DSC00488Today he did all his chores. I know this doesn't sound super romantic and many of us ladies are probably thinking "what the hell? I do all my chores every weekend." But Ross had serious chores this weekend. He bought us a new mower, mowed the front and the back and edged both. Then, from some source unknown, he found the ambition to organize the garage from top to bottom. I have never seen so much of my garage! (Lexi helped, Ross swears. Hence the Lexi-pie photo.) And then, as if that wasn't enough, he changed the oil in my car and checked the air filter. Now please take into consideration that due to the physical agility tests, the man could barely change from sitting to standing position or vice versa yesterday. It becomes even more impressive.
I know every couple has their system, but our chore system consists of me writing a list on our fridge for Ross. We are the quintessential users of the honey-do list. It took probably a full  year of living together to determine that a honey-do list was the most effective way to get chores done. Occasionally it makes me feel bossy but Ross has assured me, its a winning system. He knows what needs fixing, has a written reminder and does not have his wife asking every night what he did that day (I believe that's known as nagging).

However, despite the winning system, I do like when Ross says "hey, make sure X is on my list this week. It really needs to get done." Music to my ears! I'm a big dork, but I love the initiative and the reassurance that the list is not me barking orders, but a friendly reminder of what needs to be done to keep our home in working order. This week, re-grouting the master bathtub is the wonderful, almost musical, item on the list.

And me, well I've completed the usual chore list of laundry, grocery shopping, sweeping etc. The misc stuff that needs to be done every weekend. Super lame huh?

Slightly more interesting is the vacation research I'm doing. We're hoping to take a little adventure between if/when Ross gets an offer letter and his start date. It'll have to be planned mostly on the fly but I love to travel so much, I just can't help myself. Ross said he'd like to gamble a little or do some hiking and baseball is always a plus. So I'm looking at Denver (hiking, no gambling), New Mexico (both maybe?), Sedona Arizona (hiking) or Vegas (not explaining). I'm not sure how I ended up with all western states but it seems just as good since I've traveled westward very little. Anyone have a vote for or against one of those? Help in narrowing my selection?

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