May 9, 2010

happy mother's day!

I realized earlier this spring that it had been since Christmas that I last went to Houston. More than four months! And before that it was August. Long story short, it was time for a visit. Ross and I loaded Lexi in the car yesterday and went down to H-town for the weekend. I also realized that this was Ross' first trip to Houston without my WHOLE family there. As you can imagine, for Ross, who is from a family of four, the whole Lowe gang and related psuedo-relations is a bit overwhelming sometimes. That made this trip of only Mom, Dad and Kevin a new and welcome experience for him.

And now because I like lists, random things from the weekend in no particular order.
  • Kevin is enlisted in the Navy. Kinda a big deal right? Last week he completed his enlistment paperwork and took the oath. He's signed up for four  years of active duty (renewable if he so chooses) and four years of inactive duty. To have the Navy career he wants, he doesn't leave for bootcamp until October. That way when bootcamp is over, the specific training he wants will be starting right up. Otherwise if there was a significant gap he could end up being stuck in like cook or cleaning crew training. And he really doesn't want that. He's going to be doing IT work...I can't tell you the details though, they escape me at the moment. At first I wasn't wild about this Navy idea but Ross has really sold me on it by pointing out all the good elements and the career opportunities Kevin will have as a result. So...YAY LITTLE BROTHER!
  • I've caught my mother's disease: no-picture-itis. The whole weekend in Houston and I didn't so much as bust out with my iPhone to take a pic, not even of the puppies playing. What a picture taking failure I am.
  • In the spirit of Mother's Day (I guess), Ross and I spent the bulk of our drive home discussing our own unborn, and unconceived, children. We talked about everything from how we feel about discipline styles to funding all or part of college to our family friendly work schedule potential to hiring a maid service to help balance the children and two working parent situation that we'll be encountering.
  • And then we said "why wait 'til we have kids to hire a maid service? I don't like cleaning now." I'm not saying we're doing it but we're at least pricing out how much it would be and who knows, maybe we'll consider it for a Christmas gift to ourselves this year. All in favor of a dramatic reduction in chores, say "aye." AYE.
  • And now we're in our PJs, making hot wings with Hooters sauce, not really doin' a whole heck of anything. Even after a full weekend together, with little to no "alone" time, we're still wanting to hang out. That friends, is why I married this guy.
  • patio with puppyFinally, Happy Mother's Day to Mom, Ma Nancy, Grandma and Gramma. Happy Mother's Day also to the pregger moms-to-be, puppy mommas and other animal moms in the world.
Now I'm going to go cuddle with my fur-baby. It is, after all, Mother's Day.


Hampers said...

First time commenter here. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog.

Cheryl said...

Hey thanks Hampers!