May 12, 2010

Life Has a Funny Way About It

I'm not usually one to blog three days in a row, but I can't go to sleep so what else to do?

Nobody's life is perfect right? K, great, covered that. In the history books of Team Black are some things we say "dang, wish that had gone differently" about. Like "dang, wish I had used a blinker at that intersection when I was 16 and not busted out the headlights in my car." Things of that nature.

Today we had one of those "dangs" if you will happen to some younger friends, friends we see as family, as little sibs. I'm sorry they had to have a "dang." That bites. But I'm oddly happy that we were the people most convenient to them and that oddly enough we know how to deal with that "dang."

Isn't it funny how a "dang" in your past can help another so shortly thereafter? Maybe this means our mistakes and roadbumps aren't in vain. We learn and we help others learn from their similar incidents that much quicker. (Note to self: when someone tries to offer you are about to do...let them. Listen to them. Don't let their "dang" be in vain.)

If you had ever told us one of those "dangs" would make us feel...well almost wise, I'd've never believed ya. Yet here we are, at the ripe old ages of 25 and 29, feeling a sense of mildly ironic wisdom.

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