May 21, 2010

She suggested tennis

In response to the needing a hobby, my best friend, Melissa, suggested I play tennis. She then said it might require skill so I could get bummed about my lack of skill. And then she remembered that it might cost money and Ross is cheap. She retracted the tennis suggestion.

She suggested a book club: cheap and involving others.

That as well as some other ideas inspired a crazy hair-brained idea of my own. What if I try to write a novel? From what I hear, I'll never actually finish it. It will help scratch that writing itch I already feel developing now that I'm not working in communications anymore. Heck, maybe it will even become a revenue source for my preferred hobby of shoe shopping.

They say to write about what you know. Now, knock on wood, but I haven't faced much adversity in life and let's face it, a good book needs adversity. So what do I know? Well, I was a teenager for the usual number of years so I've thought about that. Maybe a 'tween book, the ups and downs of high school romance, cheerleading try-outs, girl drama, SATs. What do you think? Should I aim for the modern day Babysitters Club series?

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