May 18, 2010

Put your thinking hats on

I blog when Ross is at the firestation. Partly because its my "me time" partly because I really don't know what to do with myself without someone here to talk with. I'm guessing if you are reading this and know me, this is no surprise.

Tonight I called him with the "I'm bored" whine. We chatted about fire jobs, cute puppies, whatever. And then my husband told me to find a hobby.

You know what I think about hobbies? I'll tell you what I think about them - eh.

In my mind "hobby" means idle thing you do by yourself. Y'all, I am terrible at both "idle" and "by yourself." My wicked type A personality makes me default to the old saying of "idle hands do the devil's work." How boring does that make me!? But I would be a dirty liar if I told you something different. And as for "by yourself" well I just don't have a high-need for alone time. The alone time I get for an hour a day at the gym is pretty sufficient. The 2-3 days per week while my husband is gone...well those are excessive. Can't my hobby be socializing? Or buying shoes?

Ross explicitly says no, it cannot be buying shoes...or anything else for that matter.

OK, so what did I do, me the girl who needs a hobby, so says her hubby. Well I did what any 21st century yuppie would do. I googled "I need a hobby."

It was not what you'd call fruitful.

Thus I'm imploring you, my friends and family to suggest some good hobbies I might like and on Ross-accepted budget. I find that I have a tendency to be a nay-sayer when it comes to hobbies, probably given my aforementioned aversion to them and in relation to some, complete and utter lack of skill (ie playing an instrument - epic fail). But I'm going to try to consider your suggestions very openly and maybe even try a couple of them. Really. Seriously. I mean it. I think.

K I'm ready. Hit me with the hobby ideas. GO!


janieliz19 said...

trust me, no one understands your lack of a need for alone time like I do.. I don't need much either. that's probably why we were good roommates :)

If I think of any hobbies, I'll let you know!

Haila said...

What?! You're not busy enough? ;)
How about gardening?
Exploring local parks with your pup?
Have a baby? *heehee*

Cheryl said...

Haila, I don't thinking "having a baby" counts as a hobby. HAHA I think you should tell Kass she's your hobby!