Jan 31, 2011

January Recap

When I created my list of a dozen really good books I would read in 2011, I figured I'd knock out one per month. A very realistic goal I thought. Well, we have 2.5 hours left in January and folks, I have not finished my book.

Has anyone else read The Life of Pi? It started slow. I didn't know a whole lot about it before picking it up. It was just one of those books I heard was GOOD and felt like I should read. A 21st century classic. However I suppose maybe I shouldn't be so surprised it started slowly. Charles Dickens wrote many classics but I can't say they all started out at sprint speed. I definitely won't have this book done in the next 2.5 hours but I am hoping to either finish it before my NYC trip next week or on the flight up there. Maybe I can knock out my February book on the return flight. (Debating whether that should be The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  or A Cook's Tour. Votes?)

005 (2)On a more successful note, I definitely averaged more than 200 minutes of cardio per week. I can't tell you exactly how many minutes - that would require flipping my calendar back to January and every time I flip that thing I seem to lose the thumbtack so no way - but I think my weeks were 260, 165, 240 and 200. An overall average of something higher than 200.

Other new year's resolutions: eye liner is definitely finding its way into my make up routine a little more. Today in fact! I think we took a few more pictures this month, including this fun one of Lexi wearing a LIVESTRONG wristband. And finally, we saved a little money though not as much as we hoped but given the funky timing of my paychecks with starting the new job, I think it can be forgiven.

One month into the new year, how are your new year's resolutions going?

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