Mar 1, 2011

Creepy Moustache Man

Creepy Moustache GuyThis is my husband and his creepy moustache. Really creepy right?

He was on vacation for roughly a week so went all-natural on the shaving front. Tonight he had to shave the beard part (so his firefighting mask can fit flush to his face) but he did not have to shave the moustache. So he didn't and now he's creepy looking.

Ross has always enjoyed a good moustache. Usually he and his buddies all bust out with them in October for the UT-OU game. That weekend Nick hosts his annual Moustache Party where the chicks vote on who has the best moustache.

(Note: The boys take this very seriously. Last year Jon actually dyed his moustache [UT] orange in an attempt to win but was still beat by Stacy. You should see Stacy's moustache; I swear he can grow a full Yosemite Sam handlebar over night.)

I've told Ross that this year if he is going to grow a moustache for the party, and look like a total fool in the process, then he also has to participate in Movember, a fundraising campaign for prostate cancer. If you are going to look like this much of a creepy lame-o, you ought to at least be doing it for charity. Can I get an Amen to that sistah?

Given the pending Moustache Party and Movember, you could say Ross is in training. And despite the total and utter creepiness, I guess I have to let him do the name of the Moustache Party competition and Movember.

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