Sep 18, 2011

Garage Love

Ross had this WHOLE weekend off with me. This only happens every third weekend and those are by far my fav weekends. What did we do? Lots of normal things, including one on-the-fly session of awesome garage QT.

Post puppy-dog park yesterday, Ross needed to change the oil in my car. As he's walking to the garage he says "Why don't you grab a glass of wine and keep me company...oh right,  you were about to shower huh?" Well yes, I needed to shower, wash and straighten my hair before our UT football watching afternoon. But I couldn't let a silly thing like a shower get in the way of keeping my hubby company while sipping wine!

I took the fastest shower known to womankind, poured a small glass of wine for me and a big cup of lemonade for him, and sprinted to the garage in my scrubbies while towel drying my hair. Hubby saw me, grinned and pulled out a lawn chair for me.

There I sat, in the garage, chit chatting with my hunky grease monkey while he took care of all my automotive needs.

I don't think either of us have ever enjoyed an oil change more.


Brittney Garneau said...

This is absolutely adorable. Can Ross teach Chad how to change my oil in the mythical fantasy land where we move back to Austin and live happily ever after?

Cheryl said...