Sep 14, 2011

Question About the Governor

This is a political post where I am going to try not to be overly opinionated. Because I really have a question for which I want a more clear understanding.

Recent Republican primary debates brought a lot of attention to the HPV vaccine that Rick Perry mandated and then repealed. Lots of Republicans are chewin' him up and spittin' him out over the initial mandate.

This is where I am stuck.

The arguments I've heard are that people don't like that the government was ordering girls to be injected with something. While I can understand that, is it different than the vaccines kids have to have before starting school? If I'm understanding that as the main offense, am I to understand that the same people have reservations or objections to other vaccines? To each his own of course.

Or is it the sexual nature of cervical cancer? I can definitely see that as a differentiator between the HPV vaccine and other vaccines.

The other theory I've thought of is that it was an "executive order." Does that carry a different type of weight and implication that the vaccines that schools require? I know both school vaccines and the former HPV vaccine gave parents an opt out. So if there is a difference between executive order and school requirement, I'm not sure what it is (but am curious to know if you happen to know).

So that's my story. I'd like to fully understand the objections to the HPV vaccine mandate.


Kristin Emanuelson said...

This is quite a bit relevant to my job so maybe I can help a little...

1. Yes, people were pissed that the government was ordering girls to be injected. No, this is not really different from the other childhood vaccines.

2. Parents refuse the other childhood vaccines too.

3. It was intensified by the fact that HPV is sexually transmitted.  So is Hepatitis B, which almost all newborns receive before they leave the hospital, however the Hepatitis B vaccine is commonplace to parents today so they don't think about that.

Cheryl said...

So might we say Rick Perry once made a progressive move? (That's like Republican kryptonite.)