Sep 16, 2011

I love Clinique (again)

We (as in people, humankind) often talk about our really crummy service, experience, etc. "I'm just a number" we accuse. But every once in a while, there's really fantastic service. I've got one of those to share!

I ran into Macy's on lunch to pick up my Clinique staples: powder and blush. I also asked about eyeliner since my $2 pencil just ain't cuttin' it. I told the salesgirl about my eyeliner limitations (which are great) and she suggested a basic pencil. For $14. $14 for a make up item that I only occasionally use and probably not very well was just a little rich for my blood so I told her maybe another day.

She said to come back in October because they would be giving away a bonus goodie bag and I could make that $14 go a little further. Really? How interesting. When? October 4. Damn it. I'm in Baltimore October 4 and as she told me it's only a "while supplies last" bonus. RATS.

And then get this - she offered to take my name, number  and email and to call me next week when pre-sales happen. I just gave her a business card and ta-da!

I wasn't too desperate for my powder or blush so I'll pick that up next month too. In fact she wrote down all my colors so she can just quickly pull what I need. And it'll all be waiting for me, along with my bonus goodie bag (which includes a chubby stick, one of Oprah's favorite things), at the Macy's Clinique counter when I return from my business trip. Splendid.

Way to go Clinique. You are rockin' my socks.

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