Sep 30, 2011

Pics from 5 Years Ago

It's like the photo version of "texts from last night."

I was just playing with Facebook's new mapping feature for photos. In doing so I discovered a lot of photos I haven't seen in a while and realized a few things.
  • We took a LOT of pictures in college
  • Not all of them were that flattering,
  • But we were having a damn good time
  • And we drank quite a bit (we should probably apologize to our livers)
  • And this seems to resurface every 6 or 12 months in spectacular, slightly fancier fashion
 Look, see what I mean...

we heart margaritas @ Our House

S8000787.JPG I heart Jeddy Oh Joe. V&K Rock my world


Val visited but apparently we took no pics...there was not enough of y'all in my life this year...very sad

bridesmaids jeddy6.jpg emal1.jpg emal2.jpg

DSC00589 DSC00593 DSC00591

004 033 039 090 

Hey 2012...BRING IT. 

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