Sep 7, 2011

Wildfire Killers

Today on shift, GFD sent Ross and a team down to Bastrop to fight off that big ass fire down there. Actually a picture is worth a thousand words. Let's pause for one.

Wow. Right? It's huge! This picture freaks me out but I really think it says it all.

Like I was saying, Ross was part of the GFD team who went down to Bastrop today to fight this sucker. They spent about 6 hours on it.

When I asked how they tackled it, he said it was hoses from the back of the brush truck and then some hiking through the brush. To me that means 2 things. 1) Hubby was very close to the fire and 2) it is now contained enough to be fought on foot. Number 1 isn't all that awesome but number 2 is fantastic.

When Ross and his crew packed up today, the word on the street was that the fire was 45% contained. That's up from 30% just 8 hours or so before. That's amazing.

Clearly, they are wildfire killers. Wonderful, brave wildfire killers.

I'm proud of him and his team. He feels really good about what they were able to contribute and they can be confident, they made a difference in the lives of their not so distant neighbors.

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