Sep 28, 2011

Restaurant Week: Flemings

It's Austin Restaurant Week!

We inadvertently went to Restaurant Week last year for Nancy's birthday. It was delicious. So this year we purposefully and checked out Fleming's.

Stiletto Martini
This fun red raspberry martini was the breast cancer awareness drink. It was vodka with a delicious berry puree. It was really fresh and fruity.

Fleming's Salad
Candied pecans, cranberries, garden greens and cherry tomatoes. So yummy. I almost licked my plate. I really especially enjoyed the sweetness from the pecans and cranberries.

Filet Mignon
Fleming's is known for its steak so all six of us ordered the filet. Mine was cooked perfectly and it was delicious. Plain, simple good steak. No fluff, no flair just high quality steak. Now I'll admit it wasn't as good as the steak at El Arbol but that was the Zeus of steaks. You can't expect every good steak to be Zeus.

Mashed Potatoes
They were the side for the filet (duh) but were so outstanding they deserve their own paragraph. I had the blue cheese mashed potatoes and WOW. You expect a steak to be good. You expect mashed potatoes to be mashed potatoes. But these mashed potatoes were so far above anything you expect from mashed potatoes. They were rich, flavorful and spectacular. I might go back just for those.

Mmm tasty. It was plain cheesecake with a berry sauce and it was good. So good in fact I am going to have Ross' slice tonight. (For what it's worth he doesn't like sweets so I'm not thievin' this; I'm making sure we don't waste food.) I did learn though that when it comes to cheesecake, I prefer bells and whistles. This is good cheesecake, but for me, the Cheesecake Factory chocolate chip cookie dough and key lime pie cheesecakes are better.

Verdict: Good date night and if you get the mashed potatoes, great date night.

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