Sep 19, 2011

To Austria With Love

At 8:50p I sat down to kill 10 minutes before free cell phone minutes started at 9p with a little EuroTrip 2012 planning. Just a quick budget draft.

Well one thing led to another and an hour later, my excitement for Austria is through the roof.

First, I found this website that gives me personalized recs for our time in Vienna. Add that to what I already knew about Innsbruck and here's what I have in queue for Austria
  • Swarovski Chrystal World (Frankly I'm still not sure what this is exactly but I know 1. it is Swarovski and 2. the homepage has a "giant play plan" option. That's more than enough.)
  • Alpenlounge (mountaintop restaurant)
  • B&B once graced by Mozart
  • The Vienna Zoo
  • Imperial Burial Vault
  • Danube Tower
  • Schonbrunn Palace
  • Treasury
Wine tours, bicycling, gourmet hotdogs, urban hiking, mountain hiking and lots of pastries (yum) are also on the short list. Clearly I am in love with Austria.

I should probably tell Ross to start resting up now because it appears we will not be sleeping in Europe.

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