Apr 24, 2011

Graphic V-Easter-Birthday Weekend Wrap Up

As you can see, it was a big weekend in Austin. Mom & Dad drove in Saturday to spend it with us. Here's what we did (pics to follow, Mom is emailing them to me).

  • Bark Park: Took Lexi & Sweetie up to G-town to run out some of their energy. Very good idea.
  • NxNW: The four of us went out for my birthday dinner to one of mine and Ross's favorite restaurants. The skillet grilled cornbread with goat cheese and mushrooms was outstanding. Right as we were finishing dinner the power went out. Very sad for the restaurant but really worked in our favor since they took 50% off the bill as their apology. Nicely done NxNW, nicely done.
  • Graphic V: The Breast Cancer Resource Center fundraiser at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. It was great! One of the things I thought was really funny was pre-event when I asked about the attire it was described as "trendy." I didn't really know what to expect but they were spot on, trendy was the only way to describe the bunch. Loved it. Highlights from the night include a very successful live auction with a trip to Bali going for $11,000 (we'd been hoping for $8,000) and lots of other items going higher than we expected. The models were also beautiful and the video they showed was so touching it made me cry. And my personal highlight (other than being mentioned in the program twice for writing the script, a nice surprise recognition), winning my silent auction item which will be Grandma's Mother's Day present. But I won't tell you what it is. It's too good and I'm 100% convinced that in 85 years of life, nobody has ever given her this gift before.
  • Easter: We packed up the puppies and all of us headed to Jack & Nancy's for the biggest Turner-Black-Colehower holiday on record. Lowes still hold the all-time record but this gave us a run for our money. We had 15 people, including 3 kiddos and you know, kiddos always make holidays more fun. And I really liked having a big Easter. Despite not being very religious and so in honesty, probably not appreciating the day fully for its real meaning, it is really nice to have a spring holiday. A good way to spice up the year instead of cramming all holidays into 4 weeks in fall/winter. It was also the Cheryl & Ryan birthday combo celebration complete with cake balls from Holy Cacao. I definitely ate more than my fair share.
  • Travel: Well Mom & Dad traveled to us but we're also getting ready for a little travel of our own. Anna & Ben's wedding is Saturday! So we made Lexi arrangements with Nancy and Jack (they've had her so often this month it is practically a custody arrangement) and I looked at our plane tickets to know what airline we're on and when exactly Friday we leave. Now I'm going to look into our Charleston horse-drawn carriage tour a little more. And I'll probably also start day dreaming about our August trip to Canada since while visiting this weekend, Mom pointed out that Niagara Falls is right there so we can see that too. Score! I love to travel :)

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