Mar 17, 2013

At home

Packed up & ready to go
Friday early afternoon we piled our new still-little-but-now-seven-pounds-bigger family into the car and came home from the hospital.

First car ride was a breeze. Woohoo!

Once home we introduced Lexi and Cade. They seem to not mind each other at all. She gave him a couple sniffs and kisses and hasn't had much else to say or do in the matter. Though we can tell she's a little stressed by the change. She's not eating or playing as much. But we keep lovin on her and making sure she knows we haven't forgotten her. I'm sure she'll be back to watching TV and giving the neighbor dogs hell shortly.

Naptime in travel bassinet
We quickly discovered that Cade isn't quite big enough for his swing yet. I think he will be in a few weeks but for now that meant we had no downstairs sitting/hands-free option. Thankfully Mom and I were able to remedy that with a trip to Target and purchase of a travel bassinet.

Cut to Friday night and we've discovered Cade doesn't know his nights from his days. Or he knows and chooses to be nocturnal. Saturday night we changed our approach a little making sure he stayed fairly awake in the early evening hours which hopefully would lead to a better night. Unfortunately no. He'll sleep at night but insists on being held to do such. This makes for some very sleepy grown ups. At this point since there are three of us and nobody has to be at work in the morning it's OK. I'm starting to be a little anxious about Ross going back to work and Mom leaving though. Hopefully our pediatrician will have some suggestions on this when we see him Thursday afternoon. Otherwise I think a whole new level of sleep deprivation is in my near future. (Hey Jane, Val & Melissa - makes you super excited for your visits right?)

On a more positive note, feedings are going well. In the hospital he would go long stretches without eating and then chow down or go an hour and demand a snack. Or be hungry, in position and not do anything with "food" (ahem you know) presented to him. Now we're eating more consistently; every 2-3 hours for 10-20 minutes. We've recently added milk via a bottle and I am pleased to report no matter how the milk is served, Cade is happy to drink it. Yay feeding options!

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