Mar 10, 2013

Victory Shopping

I've been going a little (or a lot) stir crazy waiting on baby Cade to arrive. I'm bored sitting around at home but admittedly the list of things I can or feel comfortable doing is short. For example, I'm not quite comfortable walking Lexi by myself any more because she's strong, I'm big and I'm slow. I'm less worried about her knocking me down and more worried about her getting away and me not being able to really do anything about it.

Today I decided outlet mall shopping was on the list of things I could do because trust me when I tell you being pregnant has not hurt my ability to spend money. If anything it has strengthened it. And lucky for me, Nichole was available to join.

Mission leave the house - victorious!

And it just gets better. I had forgotten how good I am at bargain shopping. Lemme tell you, I am really good at it.

iphone_picI got two special occasion outfits for Cade - Easter and Kev's wedding weekend (both discounted 25%+...but let's be honest, I didn't know that til the saleswomen rung them up; I just knew my kid was getting cute clothes). Two new shirts from Banana Republic for the hubby (both discounted 50%+). New everyday earrings for me at a sweet $6.95. And the crown jewel purchase, an Ann Taylor cardigan regularly priced at $65 for $12, including tax.

Previously unidentified mission of shopping like a champ - victorious!

I hadn't shopped for clothes in months and not fun, normal sized clothes in even more months. Even with the waddle in my walk, carrying those shopping bags full of steals of a deal made me feel like myself.

Also, I discovered that the Ann Taylor, New York & Co, Gymboree, Carters and Osh Kosh outlets are all in the same section of the outlet mall. Which is right next to the Starbucks and only a round-the-corner from the Coach and Banana Republic. Let my glorious downfall begin.

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