Mar 4, 2013

Hi, I'm cranky. So nice to meet you.

My poor husband. He lives with such a cranky pregnant lady.

Though there are no "official" signs of labor, this pregnancy thing is starting to feel a little different, more weight on my pelvis for example, so I think yes, labor must be getting closer. (I suppose that's the only option; it certainly isn't getting further away.)

And though we got our wireless internet fixed today, now we're having problems with our TVs. We have this potentially awesome wired-through-the-walls home theatre system where all cable, internet, Blu-Ray box things are kept hidden in a closet and we can play audio throughout most the house. But I swear it is the most finicky system. And AT&T, which provides our home internet and cable is also a pretty finicky system. Together, they can be a nightmare. We're experiencing buyer's remorse on the home theatre system. And it has me very cranky. (Ross is frustrated as well but he's handling it a little better than I am. I've called/emailed everyone I can think of for some customer support. I also feel a bit of guilt since this home theatre system was something I begged for in the house and has turned out to be so painful. It should be so cool though...)

If you made it this far, you deserve a treat. Ten bonus points to you my friend. And one free baby snuggle when the little guy arrives.

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Brittney Garneau said...

HAHAHA yes! Free snuggles! And I'm sorry about your technology woes. I would offer you a glass of wine but...yeah...