Mar 21, 2013

How it goes

So far it seems to go like this
  • Morning: feeding, napping, mostly sane
  • Lunch: change into real clothes, eat, mostly sane
  • Afternoon: feeding, puttering around house, feeling good
  • Evening: dinner, feeding, shower
  • Night: feeding, swaddling, begging Cade to sleep, trying every sleeping option under the moon, slowly start to lose grip on sanity
  • Early Morning: feeding, desperately co-napping in non-pediatrician approved ways, sanity lost, until...extra hands wake up, and "Morning" schedule, complete with naps, starts again
Repeat. Every day.


Anonymous said...

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Sally said...

Hang in there, Cheryl. The early days are rough, sleepwise. But please know that it will get better, he will sleep more eventually/soon, and life will slowly get back to your new normal. xoxo