Mar 16, 2013

To My Cheer Squad

Wednesday while in the hospital I had a virtual cheer squad. Coast-to-coast, Deltas were texting me asking about my progress, the awesomeness of the epidural and in general entertaining me. Ditto to a handful of Lone Star state girlfriends.

It was like having my very own dedicated cheer squad, all on my iPhone.

2 members of the Lone Star State squad
The nurses probably thought I was a little kooky for being concerned with keeping that bad boy plugged in until it was time to push but whatever. When you are hooked up at 17 different wires and tubes (or so it felt like) and are watching a pink line tell you that your body is freaking out, a virtual cheer squad is pretty fantastic.

So to my cheer squad, thank you for your encouragement, love and wonderfully inappropriate comments on good drugs as a benefit of labor and delivery.

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