Mar 9, 2013

Puppies are Funny

Ross sent me this the other night. It perfectly describes Lexi's sleeping.

And a few days ago I saw this video for the first time. We've just started keeping Lexi's toys in a basket in the living room (in an attempt to demonstrate Lexi toys v baby toys). I'm pretty sure this is what goes through her head every day when she pulls the toys out of her basket.

And finally here's a real-life Lexi-ism.

She got in trouble for running into the street and bothering another dog on an off-leash walk a few days ago. Smart puppy that she is, she immediately started sucking up to me (v Ross) when we got home by cuddling me from under my desk. I "caved" immediately and was loving on her. I say "caved" because frankly, I didn't know that we were still punishing her. Ross on the other hand - and I'm not kidding here - proceeded to give her a stern talking to (which included mildly scolding me for giving in), put her in time out (ie the backyard in 75 degree sunshine) and gave her the cold shoulder until after dinner (but he did mix turkey chili into her food). Honestly seeing the two of them interact during the punishment was kinda funny to me. I wondered if Lexi "got it" but given how close she has stayed when off leash since, I think Ross' puppy discipline proved spot on.

Clearly he is the Lexi Whisperer.

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