Mar 1, 2013

Game On

I'm 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Cade is the size of a leek. (More importantly he's the size of a baby.) It's baby-birthing month. GAME ON.

There's really not much to update on. At our doctor's appointment yesterday, we discovered that I shed 2.5 pounds from the week before. Amazing the results of switching from full fat ice cream to low fat ice cream. Otherwise... everything was basically like it was the week before. No significant progress to report.

Now I'm just battling intermittent home wireless access and hoping I'll be able to work from home Monday. Because I'm big and PJs are way more comfortable than regular clothes but are kinda frowned on at the office, even at my pretty casual office. And I'm planning to work up until he arrives so the more my home office situation is conducive to that, the better.

Also on the wireless internet access front, I never realized how dependent we were. Working, Netflix watching, printing (wireless printer), iPad using, Facetime-ing. Our current modem is like a Hollywood romance, on-again off-again. Hopefully it will be more on-again between now and whenever the new one arrives...which was supposed to be today but was not but will hopefully be soon, internet gods willing.


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