Mar 19, 2013

Every day is different

Ah the rollercoaster of new parenthood.

On St. Patty's Day the whole family had a great day. Good naps, stroller adventure in the sunshine, non-baby activities that needed doing. It was a good day.

But a less than great night since Master Cade insisted on being held all night or else punished us with screams.

Up all night equals sleep all day
Which led to a less than great Monday. A house full of sleepy people, a baby making a liar of me for saying "he'll eat any way its offered" and all the stress the two combined could dole out.

Thankfully we could circle the wagons. I called our pediatrician regarding sleep and he called me back not once, but twice and gave a swaddle rec and other suggestions.

Nancy went on a swaddle shopping and delivery trip for us.

An informative call with a lactation consultant provided ideas that so far are successfully working on the feeding front. (Very good because for a period I declared that I had ruined the ancient practice of breast feeding. Now I feel I haven't ruined it...and I've gained some perspective on the fact that I can't single-handedly take down a genetic function for all of humanity.)

Jon and Erin gifted us with teeny tiny baby gear on loan. We've tried one (a swing that fits him a little better) and it is a hit. (If I wasn't married to Ross, I might marry Jon & Erin; that's how much I love them right now.)

I set up a Google calendar for Cade help and recruited extra hands for the next week and a half or so. Just knowing who is coming to help when makes me feel less crazy (though the fact that I have a Google calendar for it makes me feel crazy in another Type A OCD 21st century mom way...also having trouble syncing it to my iPhone [as secondary Google cal] so suggestions welcome on that).

And of course Mom...well she does it all. I don't think we're going to appreciate the full extent of her baby holding and helping until she leaves. We're probably in for the shock of a lifetime come Thursday.

At about lunch time today I can't say it is our best day ever but it is better than yesterday. We're fighting some exploding diapers but kiddo is eating well and right. And if things get ugly again, I'll just reread this article - - because it is so funny it nearly had me in (good) tears last night.


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