Apr 6, 2014

No Fake-Booking

On Friday I picked up an unread four month old copy of Real Simple. It had an article that encouraged women to take a week back in January and do some real honest social media sharing. Less "my family is perfect!" and more "here we are, warts and all."

I'm on board with the sentiment but of course there is a fine line between being honest and airing your dirty laundry. Nobody likes the latter.

But this isn't soapbox post about laundry, dirty or otherwise. It is a "no Fake-book" style blog post where I tell you that though life is pretty freakin' awesome, I am really really tired.

Not like "I chased a toddler around all day, had 6 clients meetings and have applesauce in my hair" tired. Because thankfully Cade spent the day with his Nana and it was no-work Sunday (I might have applesauce in my hair though; I haven't looked in the mirror since dinnertime). But legit "I have insomnia" tired. So there you have it. A working mother with insomnia. I am sure all the parents who are reading find that to be shocking... as in not at all shocking.

So I am drinking peppermint tea instead of my preferred chardonnay right now. And I am about to take a bubble bath, not because I'm a bubble-bath-aholic like my husband but because it was one of the more feasible items on the "100 ways to cure insomnia and if you have time for any of these you probably are not an insomniac" list.

Note: love and console your teething toddler, be successfully self-employed, snuggle with your dog in bed and enjoy late night snacks with your husband were not on the list. See, this list is overwhelmingly not feasible and not enjoyable. Except the promised sleep part. That sounds pretty freakin enjoyable if you ask me.

And I think that's about it. But I should really get off my computer now because # 34 on the list was not to sit in front of a screen after like 4p (or some other not-feasible early hour) and it is closing in on 8p. Night night (I hope)!

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