Jul 1, 2014

Summer Vacation, Day 4

10441258_10104749409512140_7700425925867472399_nToday was more like a normal day than the other days of summer vacation...except instead of school like a normal day, Cade had an all-day play date with Rowan. WOOHOO!

Erin took the kids to the park and set up the kiddie pool for them in the yard. Just look how much fun these two cuties had spending the day together. Baby BFFs if I've ever seen it!

It gets sweeter though. Erin's Timehop app showed her a pic from one year ago today...the first day she watched Cade for us. It's like their playdate anniversary!

We're so lucky to have great friends like them and to have kids who hit it off so well. Yay Baby BFFs!

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