Mar 8, 2009

Comin' Up Rosco

Rock Placement 2
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This is one of my dear darling's favorite phrases when things start lookin up. And I like it. "Comin' Up Cheryl" just doesn't have the same ring. We also high five and say "Go Team Black!" or "TB!" (for Team Black, Ross' last name is Black...just in case you were trying to figure that one out). And lately folks, things are comin' up Rosco, lookin' up for old Team Black. We're excited.

  • Ross has applications in at Georgetown and Kyle. We are optimistic about both. We are waiting on the paperwork from Waco (thank you little bro) so that he can apply there too. The firefighting quest is going swimmingly well.
  • I am getting a blackberry for my birthday! Woohoo!!! I've been telling Ross since Christmas that I want one. He hadn't committed either way but on Friday, he finally did. He said that's what he'll get me for my birthday! I am so excited. Jane, Christen and a few others from college know how excited I used to get about buying planners. I realize this is odd, its kinda like a disease. I love to have things pretty and organized. That said, just imagine what having my Outlook calendar and all my email IN MY PURSE will be for me. Holy cow. A thing of electronic beauty.
  • Ross' grandma is renewing his passport for his birthday. One step closer to the Bahamas.
  • I am going to DC in about 6 weeks. With my blackberry. (!!!)
  • I got a new vacuum cleaner which in itself is not that exciting. But our carpets have not been this puppy fur free since we got her. It's fantastic.

So that folks is why things are comin up Rosco (and Cheryl) and why we have a random Ross pic with this blog entry. And also Haila did a check in meeting with us last week asking us to each give our personal update a "blog title" and this is what I used. I've been meaning to make it a real blog ever since. Now I can check "write a comin' up Rosco blog" off my to-do list...which in Outlook is a task list and will soon be available to me on my new blackberry. Because I am getting one for my birthday, in case I didn't already tell you.

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