Mar 21, 2009

Don't let the cuteness fool you, she's a terror

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A terror. A little monster. And while I usually say these things as terms of endearment right now I cannot say she is too dear to me.

For the third time in two days Lexi decided to knock over our kitchen trash can and cover our floor with its contents. All three times she's been alone for not too long. The first time, probably home alone for 3 hours, second time 2 and this last time, just a little over an hour. And the last time she even had part of a bone to keep her busy while I was out!

I guess we can say she is getting more efficient but this is one talent I wish she would not practice. It is not fun coming home to all of my trash on the floor. There's been a limeade container which left my floors sticky and limey. There's been a ranch style beans can which left orange goop on my white carpets and on the puppy's face. Caught orange faced she was! She's even chewed a hole into the bottom corner of the trash can.

People say she's just at that age where she is teething. And that may be so. But can't she teeth on something not the trash? I know, careful what I wish for; better the trash than say computer cables or the couch.

I'm starting to think she needs to go into her crate when we are gone, at least until this passes, but she cries something awful when she is locked in there. I don't want the neighbors to think we beat her and I don't want to torture my puppy (even though her vet recommended the crate) because she's being a puppy. Sigh.

She may be cute but she can be a little monster when she puts her little puppy mind to it. And for that, she is in time out.

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