Mar 28, 2009

T minus 7 months-ish

T minus 7 months-ish til the wedding. So I'm doing a few wedding things, including checking out the photos from my friend Henry's recent wedding. Henry and I went to high school together and stayed good friends through most of college. We've lost touch a bit in the past few years. But back in December I was playing on's discussion boards and saw a posting from his college girlfriend who had finally been upgraded to fiance. Wooho! She, Shannon, is one hell of a catch. Fantastic for Henry who is also one hell of a catch. Henry and I caught up within about a week after that discovery and updated each other on life. He and Shannon were planning a January wedding so now that it's March, they are hitched. I just hunted down the photos and they are lovely. What a beautiful wedding. If you love beautiful weddings with beautiful people (inside and out, I know its cheesy but I adore these two) then I highly suggest checking out their wedding photos at You'll get all warm and fuzzy inside.

I know looking at other people's wedding photos may not seem like planning my own, but really, it is. I sent the photos to my photographer with a note that read "I love the bridal party poses!" See, I am working on my wedding.

I'm also going to dinner with Nancy tonight so she can show me the rehearsal dinner location. It is a Mexican restaurant which believe it or not, since Ross works at a Mexican restaurant, he has no desire to eat at. He likes the restaurant, don't get me wrong, but with 5 days a week of chips, salsa and margaritas, he said he'd pass on the chance for more of the same.

Tomorrow I believe we are having our wedding consultation with our bagpiper. Nick is a great guy and apparently he is THE BAGPIPER for all of Austin. I'm excited to check this item off our list but I really don't know what my role will be in the meeting. It's not like I have an ear for bagpiping or know any of the songs. I guess I'll sit there, nod my head and answer logistical questions like what time is the ceremony. Either way, it will be nice to do a wedding something with Ross. He's into us getting married but as you can imagine, hours upon hours of tablecloths, flowers and invitations just isn't his thing. Go figure.

I'm also hoping to reserve our wedding night hotel room soon and find my shoes. Together we need to finish the rehearsal dinner guest list for his mom and Ross needs to build the bachelor party guest list for Rick. Rick's doing a great job of fulfilling the best man role. He's actually on top of it. I know any guy should be on top of planning a weekend trip to New Orleans with hus buddies but you know how guys are. Planning just isn't their thing. So I'm very pleased by and impressed with Rick for being so proactive. Way to go Rick.

I'm also working on my honeymoon body. I'm certainly not one of those brides who wants to lose like 50 pounds for her wedding. Really, for the wedding itself I feel pretty good. But if at all possible I would like a flatter stomach and bigger booty for the week of bikini wearing I'll have in the Bahamas. Nothing wrong with adding a few sit-ups and squats to one's work out routine.

On a completly un-wedding related note, I have to tell you about our great good fortune. We received a letter about renewing our lease yesterday with what our new rates would be. OUR RENT IS DROPPING MORE THAN 200 DOLLARS! Who would have guessed?! We thought it would go up because 1) we already feel like we're getting a great deal and 2) with all the foreclosures more people may be looking to move into apartments. We sure are glad we were wrong. We'll take this new rent happily.

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