Mar 26, 2009

The Newlywed Game

I know we aren't real technical newlyweds yet. But who are we kidding? We live together; we do chores together; we budget together. The only thing changing on October 25 is my last name and our tax status. Heck, his friends even call me his wife already.

That said I am so happy that we have newlywed friends. Ross and I had a conversation today that could have turned to a fight. I was all ready, getting my boxing gloves on, and I told a newlywed friend/coworker about it. She laughed! She agreed that he was being ridiculous but pointed out how funny my stubbornness also was. She said it sounded like a conversation she and her hubby would have but also like a hilarious sitcom. Could I not see the absurdity here? By the end of chatting with her, I was also thoroughly amused by the situation. And to think it almost became a fight!

So yeah, I'm really happy we have newlywed friends who go through the same things. They can empathize; they can offer advice and they can laugh at you because they've probably done the same thing very recently.

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