Mar 18, 2009

worn out

worn out
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When I blog with a photo, the title of the blog is by default the title of the photo. I always change it since my photo titles are usually "JPG009723" or "flowers_2." But this photo is titled "worn out" and though that wasn't what I intended on titling this blog, it works.

I'm a wee bit sleepy because I got up very very early this morning to do a TV interview about Operation Cookie. Operation Cookie is GSCTX's program for collecting and sending cookies to soldiers. It's fantastic. We're sending more than 35,000 boxes out of Austin this year. And since this is all pretty impressive, the TV people want to talk to me about it. After I do an interview everyone always asks me how it went. Fortunately, they almost always go well. Girl Scouts is the token feel good story. The reporter is not out to get us. They want to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside by hearing cute kids talk about cookies. It could only get better if we added puppies or kittens to it.

But I have to take my hat off to our cookie department. Cookie interviews are especially easy and especially fantastic. Our cookie staff (technically called Product Sales but the "Cookie Department" is so much more fun to say) rocks. They do an awesome job teaching the girls about marketing techniques, money management skills, public speaking and lots of other good stuff. I mean heck, they created a program to send cookies to soldiers. They are obviously rockstars. The story sells itself and on the odd chance that it lacks something, the really cute girl in a uniform takes care of that. Cookie interviews, though they keep me VERY busy for a few months, are one of the easiest parts of my job. There's just no fight.

Today was no exception. We got called for the interview late yesterday and within 20 minutes the cookie manager had a girl lined up to take the interview with me. And the girl was awesome! Even if I did have to get up at a disturbingly early hour, I hung out with a fun reporter, saw an awesome kid have her first TV interview (which tickled her mom pink) and informed the community of a swell program that really makes a difference. What could possibly be better? (Doing it at 10 a.m. you say...and sure, yeah that would be better but eh, I was off by 10 a.m. today so life could be worse.)

So here's to the GSCTX Cookie Department for providing me with awesome material and helping me reach half my annual media clip goal in a mere 8 weeks. Y'all rock.

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