Mar 15, 2009


I know it may be hard to believe, but I've discovered people are different (ok, duh). But really, one of the biggest things I have learned since being with Ross is how differently we handle arguments.

Last night, on our way home from Ryan and Susannah's, we got in a stupid argument. But we argued about it because we are both stubborn, it was 1 a.m. and I was tipsy, making me in all honesty, that much more stubborn. Again, I reiterate that this was a dumb argument and nothing that will matter long-term at all.

But consequently we went to bed annoyed with each other. I woke up just fine. Not worried about the night before at all. I still stood by my opinion from the night before but realized how little it mattered and how much energy fighting took. Ross woke up still irritated. This boggles me. Still mad overnight over something so silly? It just takes him longer to shake things off than it does me.

I say I can shake it off quickly because I am resilient. Ross says I'm moody. He says going from irritated to happy and lovey in no time flat is just plain moody. I say staying irritated is exhausting. Either way, we are who we are. I have to give him his space to be irritated and not take it too personally. He has, to his credit, done a great job of getting over things quicker than he used to.

And we both have to remember not to pick stupid fights at 1 a.m. Its just foolish. I'm sure we'll outgrow it; we have already gotten smarter about it and we've been together less than two years.

Speaking of that, yup, we've still not even reached the two year mark. I think for having been together for 20 months, we've grown quite a bit. Even just since moving in together almost a year ago we've learned so much about each other and function so much better. We really are a little family now. I know we aren't perfect but dang, I think we are getting close. :)

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