Mar 14, 2009

Ring ring ring!

My honey works hard. Last night he worked at the bar for 9 hours even though he's not quite over the flu. I know its hard to be on his feet, serving people, being pleasant for that long. I saw people argue over the check with him while I was there having a couple drinks. That's not easy. It's not the exact career he wants (ie he isn't running into burning buildings) but its paying the bills and he's working hard. I really appreciate how hard he is working to keep us in the black and to start saving for our long-term goals, like a beautiful house.

And because I love him so much, today we went shopping for his wedding ring. I was ready to visit Zales, James Avery and Helzburg. But he's a man; he knows what he wants and once he found it no reason to keep looking. (As a side note, this works well for me. He knows he wants me and he doesn't need to keep looking; I like it that way.) We walked into one store and while I chatted with the salesman, looked at a few rings out of curiosity, Ross looked quietly. When he pointed to one he liked that was it. He tried it on and said that was it. All done. It even fit! Didn't even need to resize it. Its a dark silvery charcoaly color band. Its not perfectly plain, the middle of it stands slightly higher than the sides to create a banded look. I really like it but most importantly, he likes it. I asked if he would wear it 2 out of every 3 days for the rest of his life and he said yes. (2 out of 3!? you say? He cannot wear it firefighting which will be the other day out of every 3.)

All three rings are now in our possession. 1 engagement ring and 2 wedding rings. Ring ring ring!

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