Nov 28, 2010

Deck the Halls

Our little home is finally decorated for the holidays!

DSC00729The tree situation just got funnier. Ross also couldn't find the tree stand and was just about to say we should buy a new tree when he asked how much trees are. The minimum price of $50 really turned him off. So we ended up Liquid Nail gluing the tree into the stand. Then to help straighten the tilt, he tied strings to a few back branches and the stand to give it the right angle.

Awesome right?

The skirt covers it up so no worries.

DSC00731One room over in the kitchen/dining area I have a tablescape that I am just in love with. It really represents why I love the holidays. Because not only are you allowed to mix glitter, shimmer, metallic, candles and beads, but it is in fact, encouraged.

Also note that I love how a table runner dresses up my Craigslist table yet lets the fabulous stain job Ross did on it a couple years ago shine through. It really is the perfect tabletop linen.

We also have some kick ass LED lights on the house. I love how LED lights have this blue tint...well I love it for the multi-colored ones like we have on the house. Some neighbors have LED white icicles and that just looks weird. But our house, it looks fantastic.

And finally, because it is just too cute of a picture, I'll leave you with this: Me & my fur baby ready for Christmas!

Lexi Xmas

PS I know Lexi's eyes look wierd in this picture. The "red eye" was more of a glowing white-puppy eye reflection thing and made her look mildly possessed. I'm still fiddling with photo editing options to figure out how to best remove the demon eyes while not making her look like a pirate as she kinda does here.

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