Nov 13, 2010

Puppy Pictures with Santa

Many moons ago, summer 2008 to be exact, Ross and I volunteered at Relay for Life together. I was the committee chair for the Survivor Dinner and he was by default a member of my committee. We had a great time volunteering together. I decided we should do something volunteer together every year.

In 2009 we didn't totally hit the nail on the head. I was busy with YNPN Austin and he was busy at Sam Bass FD as a volunteer. So we we were still giving back, just not together at the same place.

Now in 2010 the year is rapidly ending and I really wanted to get back on track. Volunteering together is so fun and its great how you both get that warm-fuzzy feeling. We talked about it a little this week and Ross really wanted to help puppies. So I took on the task of finding a one-time puppy volunteer opportunity.


Yup, on December 4 we are spending our afternoon helping Blue Dog Rescue at the Pictures with Santa fundraiser. It meets our puppy criteria, is a one-time opportunity (meaning we can successfully commit) and sounds like a whole heck of a lot of fun. What's not to love about puppies and Santa?!

I'm very excited. We'll be sure to share our pics of Lexi and Santa in a few weeks.

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