Nov 26, 2010

The Tree & Me

We took a 2 day jaunt out to H-town for Turkey Day. Ross got his first taste of a Lowe Thanksgiving - tables oddly joined together, 15 and 1/2 peopl and just as many side dishes to compliment the always delicious Grandma-cooked turkey.

Back in Austin today he's at work and I'm having my own Black in the halls of the Black home got all decked out for Christmas. After starting the day off with a power breakfast of hot chocolate and pineapple upside down cake, I got crackin'.

Mistletoe in the entry way, reindeer welcome door mat outside, silver bell wreath in the guest bathroom, holiday "floral" arrangement on the living room endtable, lasso-ing Santa candle-holder thing. All the little signs of Christmas.

Time for the tree. One piece, two piece, three piece, tree. But mmmm, tree without a stand.

We thought Ross had taken all Christmas related things out of the attic before we left for Houston but somehow, there is no tree stand. So up into the attic I attempted. I didn't actually get off the ladder but I got torso-deep into the attic three times thinking I could find the tree stand. What I did find was lots of dust on my black pants.

I ended up going to Walmart and buying a stand. For $7.50, well worth not waiting for Ross to return from the fire station. Except when I got home and tried to put my tree together, I discovered pieces were missing. Critical pieces. Back to Walmart, make the exchange and finally, home again for an evening of tree decorating and red wine.

Tree in stand, pieces together, lights on. Stand back to admire my handiwork/determine areas of further need....and discover great tilt. A nudge this way, a push that way, a wall for support on this side. But alas, I could not straighten out the darn tree!

Now I'm a fairly independent gal. But at this point I did just break down and call my hubby. And I whined. I have boxes of ornaments desperate to go on the tree which at this point, is in three pieces on the floor.

He's coming home tomorrow morning and making it all better.

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