Nov 23, 2010

Shutter Island Review

US Marshalls Teddy and Chuck head out to Shutter Island (off the coast of Massachusetts) to help find a lost patient for the psychiatric facility housed on the island. She seems to have disappeared into thin air. Things get even more bizarre as the unfold secrets about experimental treatments of varying degrees of ethical responsibility. And when attention turns to Teddy, the plot really goes crazy.

That's the synopsis. I enjoyed the book but I'll admit, it was slow to get going. It begins with a lot of character development and learning about the demons in Teddy's past. In retrospect, very important but at the time I got a little impatient with his grief over the passing of his wife three years prior. Push through this slower part with my promise that it will play an important role later.

Also know that being based at a psychiatric facility, things can get confusing at times. Its not like the characters are always making sense when they speak or anything like that. Make sure you can really get your head into the book. No Monday Night Football playing in the background for sure.

The last 50 pages or so were amazing, especially the final 10. I won't spoil the end for you but I was blindsided in a great way. Now I'm dying to see a movie as I'm very curious to how they'll portray this on film. And upon a Google search that informed me of Leonardo DiCaprio's starring role, I am that much more interested in seeing the movie. So glad Ross promised to rent it with me ASAP.

Verdict: Prep for a slow start but definitely read.

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