Nov 14, 2010

Exceptional Productivity

Ross was/is at work today/tonight and since I'm terrible at doing nothing, I've been terribly productive. I won't bore you with the laundry list of what I did all day but I will share two with you.

DSC00724I finally did the photo display thing I saw in Real Simple magazine months ago and loved. Good timing too since we're going to have a guest (Bryanna!) for several nights next month. Her guest room is now done.

I think I'm diggin this new look. I also think that the kinda messy photo display requires the rest of the room to be very neat so it doesn't look like a torando just went through it. Still have a couple things to do - like trim that one oddly tall flower in the vase. (Floral cutters are at GSCTX office. Will do this soon, promise.) Oh yeah, also need to clean off the bed which is behind where I'm standing to take this photo. It is covered with all the things I "cleaned" off my desk in order to take the pic.

And now, way more importantly:

We have plane tickets and a hotel for Ben & Anna's wedding! 


We fly to Charleston at 11:30 a.m. on April 29 and land at dinner time. I got an amazingly good deal on the hotel we're staying in our first two nights: the Courtyard Charleston Waterfront. (Photo: view I'm expecting/hoping to have.) I went through for the first time to get this hotel. I have to say it was a little scary letting a non-refundable charge go onto my credit card without knowing the hotel for sure first. But it let me narrow it down to the neighborhood in Charleston and star rating first. And let's face it, that's about all I would have been able to go off of myself. Might as well let William Shatner negotiate for me. It turned out superbly I believe.

After our two nights in Charleston, we'll frolic over to Folly Beach for a couple nights. I've picked out our hotel for that part of the trip but won't book it until tomorrow. I want to call and see if I can negotiate half as good as old Bill Shatner did for me but I'm not willing to be so flexible with this location and thus cannot use Anyways, we'll be staying at Tides Folly Beach aka Folly Beach Holiday Inn. I can't really figure out which name the hotel goes by as I've found it under both and it is definitely the same place. Whatever it's called, we're staying there May 1 and 2. And I fully intend to soak up the beautiful South Carolina seashore for the full two days.

Now I know Ben & Anna's wedding isn't for nearly six months. And you possibly think I am crazy for just about having everything booked. Let me tell you though, I am not crazy. Ross' Aunt Kathy gave us a magazine article this summer that highly recommended booking vacations really far in advance. The logic was that once you book a vacation, the happy-go-lucky-I'm-going-on-vacation feeling begins. And you get to enjoy it for all the months leading up to your adventure. I am definitely a subscriber to this logic. I would share this article with you if I knew what magazine or what month it was from. Since I don't, you just have to trust me.

Try it for yourself. Book your trip to their wedding and see how happy it makes you. I am for one am over the moon.

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