Nov 17, 2010

Since last time

Since my last post, here's the scoop:
  • Kevin called! Monday afternoon Kevin called from boot camp. It was fab. He is doing well. Learning weapons training, working out, other stuff. One luxury he gets is every Sunday one of the commanders (or whatever the people in charge are called) shares the week's sports scores with them. From what I gather, this is pretty nearly all they know about the real world.
  • Kevin's coming to visit! And in our conversation Kev said that he wants to make an adventure out to Austin during his 10 days of liberty around the holidays. I think he and Bry will be here at the same time. Hurray!
  • Ross cooked dinner and did lots of cleaning. Meatball sandwiches. Yum. And then when I said I think we should take turns cleaning the bathrooms - because let me tell you, he did a bang up job on the master bathroom today - he told me he'd be in charge of the guest bathroom...and still help with the master when I'm busy. I'm wondering who this bathroom cleaning fool is that wandered into my house because it certainly isn't the man I married. (But I love this version too. He can stay.)
  • I traded in happy hour for Theraflu tea. Sad huh? But probably wise. I'm already feeling better actually. Could I possibly have trumped a cold in just one afternoon? Oh God, please let it be so.
  • Just two more days of work til Thanksgiving break! Sometimes I'm amazed that I'm not a student, given all my fabulous holidays. I'm taking Tuesday & Wednesday off next week to give me a grand total of 10 days off for Thanksgiving! God bless Girl Scouts! Maybe I'll even get really crazy and take my Girl Scout email off my phone for the week...ok probably not, but a girl can dream.

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