Nov 14, 2010


The November Plan was stupid and I take it back.

Thursday night Brittany came over and we had wine while we ate dinner and watched Grey's/Private Practice. Friday night we had dinner with my in-laws and I had a cocktail. So last night when I wanted a glass of wine while I cooked dinner on a very lazy Saturday I went through an internal conflict because I pledged to only have alcohol two nights a week.

That was when I decided The November Plan was dumb.

The whole point of "alcohol two nights a week" was to consume less empty calories and nothing deeper or more profound. But obviously the number of evenings that include alcohol doesn't automatically monitor the calories - heck I could have pitcher upon pitcher of maragaritas and if I only did it twice a week, would be sticking to The Plan but probably consuming a few unnecesary calories.

So I threw The Plan right out the window and had a lovely glass of wine while I cooked. I'm done monitoring how many times in the week I consume empty alcoholic calories and am switching to how many empty alcoholic calories I consume total. That seems to really be more addressing the issue anyway.

The part of The November Plan that was not stupid though was my increase cardio. Last week I did 205 minutes of cardio exercise. Way to go me!

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