Nov 19, 2010

Delta Sparkle

There's a special thing that a gal has called Delta Sparkle. It means she rocks. She's super nice, fun and caring.

Yesterday when I got home I had a small box from TriDelta executive office. A new pin! Very exciting since during Shitstorm 2010 I lost my pin.

DSC00727Of course, I had no idea where this pin came from (other than EO, duh). It had to be someone who loved me very much and I had three suspicions: hubby, mommy, deltas. Hubby was out so I couldn't confirm or eliminate him. I got Mom on the phone and confirmed that it was not her. I called many a delta but couldn't connect with any. Until Emal called me back. IT WAS THE WONDERFUL DELTAS!

My big, Jane, orchestrated a Cheryl Pin Replacement Operation post Shitstorm 2010. She, Emal, Age and Margo made it happen for me. They all said they knew that 1) being without my TriDelta pin was very sad and 2) with everything else I had to deal with (new laptop, etc) they could probably get around to ordering me a new one before I would do it.

They were so so so right on all accounts. They have lots of Delta Sparkle.

Today I am walking on TriDelta Cloud 9. I love these girls and am so giddy with happiness and love that they went out of their way to make sure I had a TriDelta pin. And I am totally wearing a TriDelta shirt to work today in their honor.

Thank you so much to the best sisters in the world!

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