Oct 15, 2011

Back Again

After a speedy one-night jaunt to Philly, I'm back home again.

Thursday I flew to Philly for a biz trip. As soon as I landed I raced my American Studies major butt to the hotel and then 13 blocks down to the Liberty Bell. The museum closed at 5p and I didn't land until 3p so it was me against the clock.

001But I won!

I toured the Liberty Bell museum and saw the bell itself. Then I wandered around the outside of Independence Hall before moseying back to my hotel.

A little work from the room then off to dinner with Christen at a firehouse themed restaurant. And in true Cheryl fashion, I managed not to get any pictures taken with her. I'm officially batting .000 on pictures-with-people during biz trips. Maybe I'll refocus my goal to go the whole year without taking one photo with people on biz trips, in which case I'd be an all-star.

Friday morning was the main Philly event: speaking on a panel for the La Salle University Nonprofit Center. There were six speakers and my niche among the bunch was the role of social media in fundraising. In a nutshell my argument was you unlikely to raise many dollars via social media platforms (like a donation form on Facebook) but you can build deeper relationships with your constituents and empower them to spread your message, thus influencing donations and overall engagement.

But anyways...back to Austin Friday night where Ross, Lexi and my new iPhone 4S awaited me. I paid attention to the first two immediately and started playing with the third today.

Lexi helping me show off our new
xeriscaped & solar lighted walkway
Also on today's agenda, plenty of domestic bliss. Xeriscaping another part of the front yard, Target shopping (for the record - half of my purchases were for children, interesting since I don't have children however it seems our friends are procreating at a fantastic rate. Birthday gifts, shower gifts and one welcome-new-baby gift), laundry, DVRed Thursday night TV, homemade quesadillas, gym and now UT football before taking a British coworker out for a Tex-Mex dinner tonight.

And then tomorrow the honey's home and it's Bears-Vikings, Ross and Ryan's favorite trash talking game of the year.

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