Oct 19, 2011

Happy Brittany

Wow, this work travel thing is really taking a toll on the old blog huh? Add into that our increasingly active social life* and man oh man. If you don't live in Austin and thus cannot be a part of that active social life, you have no idea what the hell is going on.

It's about time for a glass of wine and my 30 minute bliss with Diane Sawyer so I'll just take a second to say: HAPPY BRITTANY!

Huh? Well first, today is Brittany's birthday. So happy birthday to her.

Second...Brittany is making me an auntie!

Since she posted the big news on her blog, I decided it was more than OK for me to post it here. 

I told you I was collecting nieces and nephews and Brittany and Ken have come through for me. That'll bring the count up to EIGHT. (5 from Ross' step-brothers, 1 from AJ and Joe and 1 from Becca...yes I realize that those aren't technically all nieces and nephews but relationships, if you ask me, aren't in the blood and technicalities, they are in the love and awesomeness.)

And as if getting little-person-who-I-didn't-have-to-birth number eight wasn't fabulous enough, this little person is going to be my birthday buddy. Brit is due just one day before my birthday. I can't wait to meet him/her!

*Please note our active social life isn't because we are any cooler. We aren't. There's just been British coworkers to entertain, football games to watch and now a World Series. It's just that time a year. We'll start being lame again soon enough I'm sure.

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