Oct 24, 2011

Hotel Weisses Kreuz

First hotel of EuroTrip 2012 - BOOKED!

Late last month we booked our plane tickets to Europe. And then I was on the road on and off for a couple weeks and I did nothing in relation to EuroTrip. This past weekend I sat down and looked at hotels in Rome again but let me tell you, overwhelming.

I think it's just the overall unfamilarity. What part of the city is convenient to the things we want to do? What part is safe? What's a 3 star hotel like in Italy? What's the exchange rate today? What does this imperfectly translated sentence on the website actually mean? Like I said, overwhelming.

In true Type A fashion, I made a plan. Each month I'll book our lodging in one city. And in a few months when that's all done, I'll tackle the train tickets. And then it will be time to go and all the big things will be done, stress-free like.

I kinda cheated this month. As in I took the easy way out and booked a hotel that I had already done all the research for. But hey - it counts.

In Innsbruck, Austria we are staying at Hotel Weisses Kreuz. Interesting things worth knowing about our hotel...
  • It began operation in 1465
  • Mozart stayed here with his old man in 1769
  • In 1945, after the fall of the Nazis, American Major Eliot set up shop here
  • Breakfast is included :)

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