Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

iphone_picLast Halloween I had all these big plans for how I was gonna make this Halloween the best one ever. I followed through on 1.5 of them: never leaving the candy unguarded and continuing to sit on the porch with a glass of wine (but this time without a magazine).

And despite my lack of follow through, I would say it's been a pretty stellar Halloween. First, Ross and I carved this fantastic Grim Reaper jack-o-lantern.We did it in record time too. Less than 45 minutes from first cut to candle.

Second, this Halloween was spent chatting with the neighbor couple. The hubby came over early in the evening, with a Coors Light, and we discussed how celebrating Halloween with an adult beverage is the best way (just one though, there are kids involved after all). Then a little later his wife came over and we chatted it up for about 30 minutes while greeting trick-or-treaters.

Third, candy was guarded thoroughly. No mean big kids stealing my candy this year.

Fourth it was really nice weather. Perfect for pants and my Happy Halloween 2008 t-shirt.

photo(2)Fifth, we got a picture of Lexi with the pumpkin. She's definitely skeptical about this carved pumpkin thing but hey, it's still a picture.

And sixth and most important - we're 1 holiday closer to Christmas! And like Neiman Marcus, Team Black strongly believes in celebrating holidays one at a time and thus refuses to put up Christmas decorations until definitely Halloween and usually Thanksgiving are behind us. But let's be honest, we love Christmas more than both of those combined so...yeah, we're excited to be one holiday closer to Christmas.

Happy Halloween y'all! 

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