Oct 29, 2011

Make it stop

This week has been the worst allergy week of my life. At the risk of sounding like an old person who has a new ache to tell you about every time you call, I'll give you the brief summary.


At least I think that's what it is. It's been awful. I've taken Claritin every day. I had to go home from work early one day because I wanted to claw my eyes and contact lenses out. There was the night in the guest room with Lexi due to excessive stuffiness. I had a massage one day and had to ask the masseuse to stop twice so I could blow my nose. (Thinking about your snotty nose during a massage and hoping it doesn't drip really puts a damper in the relaxation.)

This morning I had my first sinus headache. We were out at a friend's country cabin and we scoured the place for meds to keep me from murdering someone. When we couldn't find Advil, Ross doped me up on Benadryl figuring sleeping me was more pleasant than murderous me. And tonight I had to miss Kassie's fourth birthday party because I was wheezing in bed, slathered in Vicks vapor rub and drinking hot tea in an effort to breathe. I tried to sniff the Vicks container like some kind of crack addict but my nose was too stuffed to smell it. My nose is rubbed raw and I'm keeping Kleenex in business like a champ. Through it all the hubs has been making me tea, getting me drugs and telling me I'm beautiful, Rudolph nose and all.

Dear God, please let this end. Give us rain, something to wash it out of the air. Or just make me not allergic. Either way, make it stop. This is miserable. Love, Cheryl

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