Oct 9, 2011

GFD Pinning Ceremony

photo(2)Last week while I was in Baltimore, Ross was pinned with his firefighter's badge at GFD. Up until this point he's been a probational firefighter at GFD but no more. He's now in the union and an official badge-toting firefighter.

Since I was in Baltimore, Nancy had the honor of pinning him. Yes, I was a little jealous but at least we have pinning ceremonies for every promotion and mark my word, I will move heaven and earth to be at the next one.

So anyways, Nancy, Jack and Meg went to the ceremony and between them nailed the pinning, photo-taking and video-making. Courtesy of an iPad, here's our collective peek into Ross being pinned as a real-live, union member, firefighter for the city of Georgetown, Texas.

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